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Earlier Grow bags were made from poly plastic but in recent days there has been a shift to more eco-friendly alternatives. They are mainly used to pot up trees and small shrubs as a substitute for a plastic pot.

cocopeat grow bagAs mentioned in a BBC article, Grow Bags were traditionally used under glass and were introduced as an alternative to planting directly into greenhouse soil. Not having permanent borders meant the space could be used more efficiently throughout the year and plants would not become infected by soil-borne diseases. Today, they are still ideal for growing plants in the greenhouse, but are also perfect in a sunny spot outdoors.

Growing bags are ideal for plants that don’t have deep roots, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, chilli peppers, aubergines and courgettes. Plant two to three plants in each bag during spring. Alternatively, cut a long panel in the top of the bag and sow salads in rows. Endive, lettuce, basil and rocket can be sown from spring to late summer.

Advantages of Grow Bags

  • Inexpensive – The cost of the grow bags is consistently cheaper than the different types of pots you need to set up for the plants.
  • Less mess – Some of the grow bags already contain the organic nutrients, so all you have to do it add adequate water and you’re done it.
  • Allow more grow space – Grow Bags give you the flexibility to display more plants as compared to the pots which allow growing plants only vertically.
  • More planting options – As mentioned in the first point, you can plant the seeds vertically and horizontally. I came to one of the videos where strawberries could be grown vertically.
  • Ease and convenience – Grows are very convenient for beginners. You get ready made kits in the market that provide step by step direction for growing your favourite plants. Grow bags are very popular among home gardeners.



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  1. Hi, i’m new to cocoponics, just starting to be exact. I’m going to try growing tomatoes but unsure of the nutrient addition in terms of amount and type and frequency. Can you please assist. Thanks.

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