How to Use Coco Peat Growing Bags


Coco Peat Grow BagsPlacing holes in grow Bag: Take the Growing Bags out from their palletized packed form and carefully mark holes where you want to plants the seeds. Let’s consider a grow bag which is 3 feet long in compressed cocopeat slab. .  It’s ideal for growing 3-4 plants per bag. Grow bag should be handled carefully while unloading to prevent the slabs from breaking. If the slabs are damaged the expansion after watering will be uneven Now, Cut the bag on the lines made so that when you open the flips, you get a square hole cut out. Grow Bags should be placed on level profile within the green house.

Run water through your Grow Bags: Water the Grow Bags using the Drips till the slabs are fully saturated. Insert the drip lines to the grow bags depending on the number of plants you wish to plant in the grow bag. The easiest way to water the bags is by water hose/pipes but avoid using them for watering as it damages the structure of the Grow bags most of the times. Stop watering just as water tries to come out of the cut plant holes & let for 12 hours. Let it soak and as it soaks, it expands as well. You can see the grow bag growing. Give it some time. Once it’s done, you will have fully expanded grow bag that’s ready to take plants in.

Make adequate Drain holes in the bags to let the water out: Drain holes should be made between every plant hole & at both ends of the bag & let the added water drain from the bags. Carefully make a slit 0.5-1 inch above the bottom surface of the grow bag at 2 or 3 places on the sides. As it is covered on most of the sides water loss through medium is very less.

Finally ad fertilizer: Add the fertilizer plan through the Drip till the slabs are fully saturated (approximately 1 litre per plant). Now you can plant your crop in the Growing Bags. 🙂



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