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Fill the Cup Wold Food Programme

“A child dies of hunger every six seconds. WHO has declared hunger and malnutrition the number-one threat to public health,” said Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme.

A single Euro (or $1.50) feeds a school child for a week. Period

“Fill the Cup” aims, literally, to fill a cup with food for all of the 59 million children who go to school hungry throughout developing countries around the world – boosting their chances for health, education and a more promising future.

I am a regular supporter of The World Food Programme. WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide and I believe that my contribution goes at the right place.

You can donate books, clothes, memoirs but the joy of feeding hungry isn’t better than any deed of virtue. A person can manage without education, religion, love or family but it’s impossible for him to survive without food. (No, its not about Maslow hierarchy theory) Accessories don’t make life better if your stomach is half filled.

Yes, things are unfair in this world when it comes to distribution of food. While some regions enjoy the liberty of throwing the surplus in trash, others hope to fetch for some leftovers as their daily bread. Thanks to cheap politics and manmade boundaries

I believe there would be hundreds of institutes and organisation talking about this issue so let us not waste time and space discussing it. The point is I am glad that I was introduced to hydroponics. They say Hydroponics is the next technology to fight hunger in the world. Yes it is, it has the capability but can this technology overcome the problems created by food regulators?

Maybe not at once, but the scenario might change gradually once the concept of hydroponics is picked up by individual growers. Till then hundreds would continue their fight for hunger and rely on charity organisations.


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WFP estimates that it would cost about US$3 billion per year to feed all 59 million children worldwide; US$1.2 billion would provide meals for the 23 million children in 45 of the neediest African countries. While these sums may seem large, WFP has calculated that just 25 cents (US$) can give one child one cup of porridge, rice or beans and provide girls with a monthly ration to take home. (Courtesy:

Partners in “Fill the Cup” include:

  • FIFA World Player of the Year, Kaka’, who is also WFP’s Ambassador against Hunger
  • Ghanaian President and African Union President, John Agyekum Kufuor
  • Milan’s Mayor, Letizia Moratti


Hydroponics stands for better growing i.e better and bigger crops. We as hydroponics growers should justify the distribution of our produce. Cocoponics proudly stands against hunger crises and it would be our honour if our Community strongly contributes its efforts towards the fight for hunger.


Fill the Cup and see how satisfied you feel! 🙂

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