Jim Ruck’s Indoor Aeroponic Design

Jim Ruck Aeroponic design Courtesy: Coroflot

Jim Ruck and his aeroponic design (Breathe) have been well demonstrated on coroflot.com. A compact set up for growing plants is well observed for easy indoor hydroponic gardening that provides fresh greens year round. This system is portable and the décor is compatible with modern living spaces.

Jim Ruck Aeroponic design

Courtesy: Coroflot

It has an inbuilt pump that circulates water and the nutrients are sprayed on the plant roots with help of misters. Breathe has a cord that will provide power to the aeroponic product. It has also back up batteries in case the power goes out.  The support circular collars come out to use as seed planters as well as to harvest the whole herb or plant it desired. Adding water to Breathe is important every couple of weeks because of some water maybe lost due to evaporation. This product can be moved to different location within the living to ensure the amount of sunlight is right.

Aeroponic design by Jim Ruck

Courtesy: Coroflot

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