Indoor Hydroponic Herb Growing System

Spice-Versa Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

I found this design on This is Spice versa, created by Ana Arguezo and designed as a hanging system for growing herbs in your own home. The planter is designed such that it can be hung from a ceiling or wall anywhere and house and it’s easier to pick up fresh herbs when required.

The Spice-Versa is made up of 6 sections surrounding a central light, the light used is a mercury spot light which is perfect for helping plants to grow. Each section is filled with a biodegradable plant gel, this provides the plants with all the nutrients they require and supplies water to the growing plants. The gel locks away water efficiently, allowing you to only need to water the herb garden once every month.

Spice Versa plant gel technology

I searched for websites that sell this Spcie-Versa Concept but wasn’t fortunate to fine one. They don’t even sell it on Amazon and neither do they have an official Company website to order. That leaves us with questioning the product’s authenticity. Maybe the product was launched mid this year and might take some time for the designer to reveal its order and purchase details. Lets us know if you spot any website or vendor who sells this elegant growing system. Till then this might inspire some other hydroponic designer to come out with another extravagant concept for growing plants.

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