Windowfarms: A hydroponic touch to your windows

windowfarms hydroponics

Metropolitan cities come with space limitations. Gardening is carried out with few options but technology like Windowfarms lets you pursue your hobby. Windowfarms is a beautiful, simple fix—the magic of hydroponics, strapped to any ordinary window. The roots are bathed in nutrients from the sea, preventing food plants from getting root bound (as they do in traditional soil filled containers). You get healthier roots, and fresher, more nutritious vegetables without dirt in small spaces.

windowfarms hydroponicsThe Windowfarm consist of each planter pod that is fed with nutrient solution and a timer set air pump. fed quietly and automatically with a timer-set air pump. The liquid plant food and oxygen is hauled to the top, where it trickles down, from plant to plant, feeding each in turn. Its is recommended to grow lettuce and herbs in this set up

Normally, a One-Column Windowfarms cost $119.95, but if you buy on Kickstarter, you will get it for just $99 (plus shipping and handling). The new Windowfarms systems are made from environmentally friendly plastic and wire. It just snaps together, decreasing the assembly time from a full day to about ten minutes.

I suggest you to join the global community for window farmers at Here people share their growing experiences and you’ll get a better understanding of this concept.  They have threads and articles discussing various gardening topics related to a huge variety of herbs, greens, vegetables, fruits, and medicinals plants. The site also has an option to socialize with other few window farmers. Moreover you care also entitled to choose a reward that includes nutrients and baby plant delivery of your favorite, well-tested varieties to ensure that your Windowfarms are always producing fresh herbs, greens, and other edibles.

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