Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to Hydroponic Plants

adding hydrogen peroxide to your hydroponic plants

Adding peroxide to your hydroponic plants got an add-on advantage killing harmful germs or bacteria. Peroxide has a H2O2 chemical formula, the industry mix of hydrogen and oxygen. It looks like common water but with additional oxygen atoms.

When hydrogen peroxide solution is added to your plants, additional oxygen is provided to the plants to protect itself from all types of bacteria. Buying hydrogen peroxide from an average drug store can be dangerous, because the hydrogen peroxide that comes in 3% solution percentage is unstable. Some of the high grade hydrogen peroxide contain acetanilide, a compound which can be of 35% in composure, meaning that it is a bit more stable compared to regular variety you would find in a drug store.

Hydrogen Peroxide can be highly acidic and should be utilized with caution. It is advisable that you mix two or three milliliters of hydrogen peroxide in each gallon water used for plants. Also, when you water the plants you should let the hydrogen peroxide for hydroponics circulate throughout the plants approximately around 30 minutes to become especially good at destroying hazardous bacteria with your hydroponics technique. The effect of hydrogen peroxide for hydroponics will last approximately 4 or 5 days and maintain the feed schedule.

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