Why Hydroponics

Passive Hydroponics
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I really don’t wana be descriptive. So lets Begin:

  • Absence of weeds and pests equals to less use of pesticides.
  • Smaller space bigger yield
  • Equal distribution of nutrients in liquid mixture
  • Hydroponic plants generally reach maturity faster than soil-grown plants.
  • Automated Hydroponics systems
  • Hydroponic systems generally use up to one-tenth less water than irrigated soil crops
  • Use of recycled material
  • Plants can be grown practically anywhere
  • Enjoy Gardening and commercializing at once!

I would like to hear if anyone has their personal stories of hydroponics winning over soil growing

Apart from these, Advanced Nutrients has come up with amazing reasons to grow hydroponics. It talks about reducing stress levels with hydroponics gardening which is so true especially when you see your seedling growing healthy and the immense satisfaction you achieve.

Quite often the nutrition value in vegetables in lost by the time it reaches supermarket. Growing them in your basement or apartment gives you the privilege to eat fresh and healthy stuff. And while doing that you could experiment with different crops and with different mediums. Learning while growing is an experience to look for. My cocoponics journey had been good so for!

Advanced Nutrients quotes “Hauling your medium to your buckets or grow trays, filling your reservoir, and squatting and stretching to connect your fittings and lights all involve some amount of physical activity, which burns calories and gives you a healthier heart and lungs. Some studies even suggest that doing forty-five minutes of gardening is the equivalent of doing half an hour of moderate aerobics”

well I am not really keen in associating gardening with exercise 😐  how about you guys?

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The reason for writing this blog is to share my experience, the materials that I’ve collected over period of time and getting an opportunity to learn in the process along with other passionate growers.

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