Organic Homemade Pesticide Solutions

Homemade Organic Hydroponic Pesticides

Homemade Organic Hydroponic PesticidesAlright, so we do require anti bugs spray regularly. Most of us hate to use chemicals on our plants fearing how strong and harmful they would be. Have a look at the organic Homemade pesticide solutions:

  1. Let’s start with salt water. 2 table spoons added to one gallon of warm water. You could spray this solution if your plants are infested with spider mites.
  2. For dehydrating insects and their eggs, use mixture of mineral oil and water 20 ml to one litre of water
  3. For Ants you need to mix 10 drops of citrus essential oil with one teaspoon cayenne pepper and 1 cup of warm water. Shake well and spray in the affected areas.
  4. You can also mix 3 tablespoons of liquid Organic Castile soap with 1 ounce of Orange oil to one gallon of water as an effective treatment against slugs and can be sprayed directly on ants and roaches.
  5. One of the easiest and simplest ones is the Eucalyptus oil spray. Just spray few drops of eucalyptus oil where insects like bees, wasp or flies. I always stock this oil. It smells good and. Few sniffs gets you relief from cold and headache
  6. Similar to Eucalyptus is the Neem oil spray. Add 1/2 an ounce of organic neem oil and ½ teaspoon of a mild organic liquid soap to two quarts of warm water. Stir slowly. Add to a spray bottle and use immediately.
  7. This one I got from my friend. She happened to find out on the internet. It says to mince one organic clove of garlic and one medium sized organic onion. Add to a quart of water. Wait one hour and then add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and one tablespoon of liquid soap to the mix. This organic spray will hold its potency for one week if stored in the refrigerator.
  8. Another one is boiling 100 gms of dried Chrysanthemum flowers into one litre of water for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and fill it in a spray bottle. These flowers hold a powerful plant chemical component called pyrethrum. This substance invades the nervous system of insects rendering them immobile.

Let us know if you have more recipes to share or contact us for any queries on hydroponics.

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  1. Interesting concoctions! I have found that the peppermint dr. Bronners (about 1/4-1/2 cup) mixed with approx 1-2 cups water in a spray bottle will kill roaches in 30 secs if you can douse them in it. It smells so much better than any poisons. Then when it dries up in a couple days just vaccuum up the carcass 🙂

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