5 Easy Steps for Mother Plant Care

Maintaining Healthy Mother plants

These five easy and simple steps for mother plant care will help you grow, nurture and strengthen your mother plants for successful seasons of growing bountiful gardens.

  1. Don’t let mother plants reach its bloom phase and then go back to vegetative growth because whenever a mother plant is enforced from vegetative growth to flowering and back again, her genetic character weakens.
  2. Mother plants must have at the least eighteen hour days to preserve a sturdy and true set of genetic characteristics. Clones taken from a regenerated female is likely to be less potent and feebler.
  3. Your mother plants need good amount of energy so feed them with organic nutrients.
  4. If you can spray Emerald Goddess, which is a vitamin based plant tonic 24 hours before cutting, it will help mother to stay in healthier state, faster rooting and healthier cuttings.
  5. Although, it is advisable to start new mothers from seed every year, clones have a better chance of being vigorous when mothers are not stressed. If you find any suppression in the gene expression of the mother plants obtained from clone, put them back in an ideal and healthy environment.
  6. Finally, invest in a good cloning gel. Clonex had been promising to nourish healthy clones.
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