Hydroponic Live Screen by Danielle Trofe

modular hydroponics danielle trofe

Danielle Trofe presents “The Live Screen”, (let us refer it as Hydroponic Live Screen) which is a hydroponics system inspired by vertical gardens. The live screens work on hydroponic growing arrangement. It includes electric pumps that send water up the stands based on automated timing system. The grower can customize these timings. Each growing pod has an built in LED light for providing artificial sunlight to the plants.

modular hydroponics danielle trofe

Because the live screen is in a modular design, it can be fit in any limited space. It doesn’t require wall set up for support and has inbuilt stands.

Trofe design has bagged the A design Award and Competition in the Furniture, decorative Items and Homeware category. The live screens could be expanded by fitting many pods and making it more efficient in terms of growing and dividing the space.  One can use these for a sophisticated green look for their office environment or living rooms.

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